Arabiflora workshop

Mon May 10 13:53:59 EST 1993


         at Arabiflora, Aug. 19-22, Columbus, OH

The majority of us and the local organising committee has chosen

             Sunday, Aug 22 from 1.30 till 4.30 p.m.

for the genome workshop at the Arabidopsis meeting at Ohio State
As stated in the first announcement the objective of this
workshop should be related to the central questions

"How do I get the map position of a mutant allele of my interest


 how do I get my gene

 most easily and efficiently?"
This means new technologies and ideas as well as results or
consequences from current work - as far as they are related to
that general questions and will influence people's strategies to
answer their particular problem.

The workshop will cover:

-  current status of the genetic and physical maps (alleles,
   markers, integration, contigs, new ways for mapping mutant
   loci, ...)
   (P. Scolnik, G. Juergens, D. Meinke, R. Schmidt, D. Preuss, T. Schaeffner,

-  French and US sequencing projects and their implications to the rest
   of the world (H. Hofte, T. Newman, ...)

-  databases, stock centers, and researchers:
   (ABRC, M. Anderson, M. Cherry, ....)

-  any other urgent question raised by you.

Please let me know what contributions

- you could make either as a discussion of your work or ideas
  related to genome research mainly on a work-oriented basis

- you could make by asking the question you always wanted to be
  answered (e.g. when there will be final integrated map
  without major quarterly changes?, ...)

Please send me your ideas and name + address either by email or
don't forget to inform collegues which aren't connected to the

Tony Schaeffner
Institut f. Biochemie
University of Munich
Karlstr. 23, D-8000 Muenchen 2, Germany
Tel. (89) 5902-652
Fax  (89) 5902-449
Email (Internet) Schaeffner at

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