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  OFFICE MEMO          Grad. Stud. Res. Asst.                 Date:5/12/93
                                 RESEARCH  ASSISTANTSHIPS

        Two graduate student research assistantships are available starting
July 1, 1993 (or earlier if need be). These two assistantships are funded to
work on projects involved with: (i) identification and
characterization/analysis of low-temperature and drought regulated gene
expression in bermudagrass, or (ii) the development and implementation of a
molecular genetic linkage map in peach based upon DNA, biochemical and
phenotypic markers.  Ideally the successful candidate will have both
theoretical and practical experience in Genetics, Molecular Biology, Physiology
and Biochemistry.  These degree earning appointments are for either PhD or MS
candidates.  Depending upon the student's interests and background the degree
may be earned in either Genetics, Plant Physiology or Horticulture.

          Please send applications (including a statement of research interests
/ career goals and an outline of course work and laboratory/research
experience, publications/presentations) or inquiries to:

Vance Baird
Horticulture Dept.
Box 340375, Poole Center
Clemson University
Clemson, SC  29634-0375
803/656-4953  [FAX   -4960]
e-mail:   Vance_Baird.Horticulture at Quickmail.Clemson.EDU

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