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Dr Richard Gardner gardner at SBSU1.AUKUNI.AC.NZ
Wed May 12 17:34:17 EST 1993

Dear Netters
Are you sick of all those jokes about weeds of no commerical value?  Fed
up with the agronomists' jokes that you might lose your plants if you
don't have your microscope along?  

Well have we got an offer for you!  Pine trees!  Yup, those big old
babies with wooden trunks.  Rumour has it they also have ginormous
chromosomes as well, and thats what we want to stare at for a while.

Seriously folks, if anyone is interested in doing some FISH (fluorescent
in situ hybridisation) in Pinus, we have a postdoc position available starting
in suny Auckland on or around July 1.  Anyone interested should contact me
or Dr Brian Murray (the cytogeneticist in the project).

Richard Gardner.

Richard Gardner, or Brian Murray
School of Biological Sciences
University of Auckland
Private Bag 92019
New Zealand
Ph 64-9-373-7599 (ext 7234 for RG, or 8334 for BM)
Fax 64-9-373-7414

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