arab growth conditions

Thu May 13 15:19:51 EST 1993

Dear Networkers,
	We are characterizing plants that overexpress certain heat shock
proteins.  We would like to maximize vegetative growth prior to
flowering in an attempt to observe any differences in phenotype.  Does anyone
have suggestions as to the best way to do this?  We were planning to
grow the plants on a day/night cycle of 12 or 14 hours light and at
20 C day and 18 C night.  Any suggestions appreciated.
	Also, we recognize that arab flowers faster under continuous light.
How much light is needed to see this effect?  Would diffuse daylight
from neighborin windows serve to shorten the vegetative stage as well as
direct lighting?  Finally, is there a difference in time to flowering
under the same conditions when comparing different ecotypes.  If there
is specific literature I should be consulting - let me know.
	Thanks again for any input.  ELIZABETH VIERLING

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