Ethylene-related cDNAs from MSU

Kende.Lab 21848HJK at MSU.EDU
Thu May 13 08:54:00 EST 1993

Recently, Tom Newman deposited the first batch of cDNA sequences from the
Michigan State University-Plant Research Laboratory sequencing project with
the Arabidopsis Biological Resource Center at Ohio State University.
Unfortunately, no mechanism is in place for the exchange of information as to
which clones are already being used or have been requested by whom and for
what experimental purpose. This lack of information exchange may result in
unnecessary duplications of efforts. To avoid this, at least for the
ethylene-related clones, I would like to inform colleagues in the
ethylene/fruit ripening field that we have further sequenced the following
three clones and are studying their expression in Arabidopsis:
31B3T7    Ethylene-forming enzyme
40F10T7   Ethylene-responsive fruit ripening clone
2A6T7P    Ethylene-responsive fruit ripening clone
I would be happy to give further information by phone (517/353-7865) or by
e-mail (hkende at

Hans Kende
MSU-DOE Plant Research Laboratory

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