looking for tagged mutants

Fri May 14 14:37:00 EST 1993

Dear Networkers, 
I am currently trying to find tagged mutants from a selection
of mutants which i isolated from the T-DNA mutagenised population
originally made by Ken Feldmann. Of the first three ive tested, one is
not kanR. Another two both segregate 3:1 for kanR and 3:1 for the mutant
phenotype but kanR does not segregate with the mutant phenotype ie not
tagged. I wondered whether this is just bad luck or whether others among
you have got frustrated at the lack of tagging of really interesting
mutants! Could these mutants be a result of T-DNA inserts with non
functional kanR or something else. Does anyone have a good estimate of
the proportion of mutants in this population which are tagged?
best wishes

kevin pyke  university of york, uk

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