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Mon May 17 11:13:20 EST 1993

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Hi, I collaborated with a computer guru type to design a seed stock database
for Arabidopsis.  This database can be used to keep track of individual stocks
as well as crosses.  It's relational so can generate family trees.  Each entry
is arbitrarily assigned an ID number for accurate future identification.   I
think the database will be pretty useful.  We are JUST starting to use it in
the lab.  Anyway, this database is available for distrubution for a very
nominal fee (I don't know how much my computer guru friend wants but prob. in
the $25-50 range as some sort of compensation for his efforts-seems reasonable
to me).  Although this database was built using the 4th Dimension program, it
is a stand alone database.  i.e. you dont necessarily need to have the 4th
Dimension program loaded on your computer for the database program to work. 
However, the 4th Dimension program has a built in copy protection device that
scans networked computers to make sure all running copies have a unique ID
number--  which means that IF more than one copy of this database are run at a
given location (with networked computers) then folks will need to purchase a
copy of the 4th dimension program... Please contact me if anyone is interested
in this.

Kim Pruitt [last_lab at]  
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