New ABRC DNA Stocks

Keith R Davis krdavis at
Thu May 20 10:19:30 EST 1993

**New DNA stocks available from the ABRC DNA Stock Center.**

Over the past few months we have accumulated a number of new stocks in the ABRC
DNA Stock Center.  The following is a list of new stocks that are ready for

ABRC CD3#-     Plasmid I.D.   Ant.Selection  Vector    Description

CD3-1 pCT4.2   amp  pBSM13-   500 bp 5S repeat    Gene 112 225-228,1992
accession number M65137

CD3-2 pcSODRH  amp  pBSIIsk+  700bp Cu-Zn superoxide dismutase Plant Molecular
Biology (1992) 18:123-125 accession number X60935

CD3-3 pBNDES3  amp  pBS  fad-3 a gene controlling omega-3 fatty acid
desaturation  Science (1992), 258,1353  accession number L01418

CD3-4 pVA2     amp  pKSM13+   spinach Glycolate Oxidase J. Biol. Chem
262,15825-15828 accession number J03492

CD3-5 Athsp17.6     amp  pBSskB-   small cytoplasmic Heat Shock Protein  NAR
17:7995 accession number X16076

CD3-6 Athsp21  amp  pBSskB-   Heat Shock Protein, nuclear encoded chloroplast
localized   MGG (1991) 226:425-431  X54102

CD3-7 Athsp70  amp  pBSskB-   Heat Shock Protein unpublished data

CD3-8 pWB2     amp  pBS  Spinach LTP-1 Plant Physiology (1991), 95,164-170
accession number M58635

CD3-9 pUH700   kan  pBI101    700 bp fragment of the promoter Arabdopsis LTP-1
fused to the GUS gene accession number M80567

CD3-10 pUH1000 kan  pBI101    1000 bp fragment of the promoter Arabdopsis LTP-1
fused to the GUS gene accession number M80567

CD3-11 pJ5-3   amp  pBS  full length cDNA of Arabdopsis LTP-1 accession number

CD3-12 pBSH23  amp  pBS  3.2 kb HindII fragment T-DNA right border

CD3-13 pBSH10  amp  pBS  6.5 kb HindII fragment T-DNA left border MGG (1987) 
207, 478-485

CD3-14 pJJ1104 amp  pSP64     1.1 kb Clai PvuII fragment T-DNA right border
MGG (1987) 207, 478-485

CD3-15 pCS610  amp  pSP64     1.1 kb EcoRI NruI T-DNA left border

CD3-16 pAL1    amp  pUC19     360 bp  HindIII fragment of a highly repetitive
element MGG (1986) 204, 417-423

CD3-17 pAt46   amp  pBlues    3kb cDNA clone  (nia2) Nitrate reductase PNAS
(1988) 85:5006-5010

CD4-6     Flower cDNA library,     Detlef Weigel and Elliot Mererowitz

RNA source:    Lansberg erecta inflorescences with flower buds predominanatly
younger than   stage 11

Vector:   lambda ZapII (Stratagene)

Made using Stratagene UniZAP kit
Directionallly cloned, 5'at EcoRI, 3' at XhoI site in vivo excision converts
into pBluescript SK+ expression vector IPTG inducible

CD4-7l-PRL2 library,     Thomas Newman

RNA source:     1) tissue culture grown roots, 2) 7 day old etiolated
seedlings, 30 rosettes from staged plants of different ages and 2 light
regimes, and 4) aerial tissue (bolts, flowers, siliques) from the same plants
as the rosettes.

Vector:    Lambda Ziplox: Focus 14:76-79

Made using BRL lZIPLOX NotI-SalI arms in vivo excision converts into pZL1

YAC library filters

We are going to distribute on a trial basis filters of the Ward and Grill
libraries that are ready for hybridization.  We have very limited numbers of
 filter sets, so at this time, we can only send one set of filters per
laboratory.  These filters should be useful for those interested in identifying
 specific YACs that hybridize to a sequence of interest.  These YACs can then
be requested individually by providing the library name, plate number,
and colony position.  Complete details will be sent with the filters.

The DNA Stock Center is prepared to continue this service if the Arabidopsis
 community finds it useful, and there is sufficient demand.  This service is
 intended to facilitate the isolation of specific YACs by laboratories not
 involved in large scale genome research.  We do not anticipate being able
 to provide more than one or two sets of filters per laboratory.  If handled
 with care, the filter sets should be able to be reprobed several times.

To order a filter set, just specify which YAC library you prefer.  Orders will
be filled in the order that they are received.

We encourage you to send us your feedback on the usefulness of this service.
All of these stocks can be ordered from the ABRC DNA Stock Center by e-mail
(dna at, by FAX (614-292-0603) or by regular mail sent to:

Biotechnology Center
1060 Carmack Road
Columbus, OH  43210
Attn: Doreen Ware

Any comments or suggestions concerning the DNA Stock Center can be directed to
Keith Davis (krdavis at

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