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Fri May 21 12:30:42 EST 1993

Many thanks to those who replied to our request for information on textbooks.  From the
replies it would appear that there is a need for an updated textbook that covers plant
molecular biology and development.  Any volunteers?

Philip Benfey


From: IN%"BRIAN at"  "Brian H. Taylor" 22-APR-1993 17:59:10.72

    Contact Tom Jacobs at the University of Illinois
(tom_jacobs at and ask for a copy of his "Plant
Development Graduate Teaching Materials" compendium (there is a small
charge for xeroxing).  It's a collection of syllabi and notes from
folks like Ian Sussex, Paul Green, Ethan Signer (and yours truly),
and will have lots of useful stuff in it.  Since it's graduate level
material you will probably still want a textbook but it's worth your
time to send Tom a message.

Best Regards,

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From: IN%"Tom_Jacobs at"  "Tom Jacobs" 22-APR-1993 19:46:16.29

I use the books below in my Plant Dev class.  Neither is molecular at all. 
That info has to come directly from the literature.  I distribute to interested
parties a compendium of syllabi, outlines, lecture notes and reading lists that
I've collected from about 15 lecturers in plant dev around the world.  Latest
update was last summer.  It's $11.50 (check made out to University of
Illinois).  Let me know and I'll put a copy in the mail to either or both of

Patterns in Plant Development, 2nd Ed.,  by Taylor Steeves and Ian Sussex,
Cambridge University Press, 1989 (ISBN 0-521-28895-9)

Plant Development, The Cellular Basis, by R.F. Lyndon, Harper Collins, 1990
(ISBN 0-04-581033-8)

Tom Jacobs
tom_jacobs at


From: IN%"CHU at" 22-APR-1993 20:45:49.90

You might look at the standard plant dev books of Steeves and Sussex, R.F. Lyndon's Plant
Development and Burgess's Intro to Plant Cell Dev.  In addition to 
those, Walbot and Holder's Developmental Biology devotes a good portion of the 
text to plant development.  Good Luck.


From: IN%"JIM2 at PSUVM.PSU.EDU"  "June Medford" 22-APR-1993 21:18:04.54

I use the Steeves and Sussex book for a similar course here
and supplement the it with readings from the current literature.  That
combination has gotten a good response from the students.  June Medford,
Penn State.

From: IN%"mchrispeels at" 23-APR-1993 14:00:38.95

You may want to hold off ordering a text till you see the special issue of The
Plant Cell. It is an issue with 40 articles about plant development,
presumably with enough background to use as a teaching book. MAARTEN


From: IN%"davis.68 at" 24-APR-1993 13:12:56.00

I have been using Plant Molecular Biology, by Grierson and Covey in my PMB
and genetics course. It isn't very complete on a number of topics so I have
to supplement with my own material, and low key reveiw articles.

I'd be very interested to hear if you find something good. I've looked off
an on for the last couple of years and haven't found a good 'modern' text.
I'm not sure it exitsts for striclty plant material.

Keith Davis


From: IN%"mgkjones at" 25-APR-1993 20:42:32.31

Plant development/molecular biology textbook

:Lindsey, K. & Jones, M.G.K.
Plant Biotechnology in Agriculture
Wiley: ISBN 0471 932396
Covers: plant breeding, tissue culture, transformation, gene
isolation, applications to pest disease resistance etc. etc.

Mike Jones
Murdoch University


From: IN%"rchasan at"  "Becky Chasan" 30-APR-1993 11:17:18.41

I saw your posting to the Arabidopsis newsgroup about texts for a course
on plant development and molecular biology. We haven't publicized it much
yet, but The Plant Cell is publishing a special issue that is
devoted to reviews on plant reproduction, and we will be making it
available at an as-yet-undetermined, but reasonable, price. This issue
will contain about 30 reviews on all aspects of plant reproduction--floral
initiation, flower development, sex determination, pollination,
fertilization, embryogenesis, etc. The reviews were solicited and written
with the idea that this issue would serve as a valuable teaching tool and
reference, and you may find it useful for your class, not as a text per se
but as a great source of up-to-date thinking on many aspects of plant
reproduction and development.

Becky Chasan
rchasan at

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