Arabidopsis with 8 petals

Thomas Mitchell-Olds tmo at POPGEN.BIOLOGY.UMT.EDU
Fri May 21 14:59:52 EST 1993

Dear Arabidopsis netters:

We have found an abnormal floral form in F4 progeny
from a cross between two ecotypes.  We have found one plant
with 7 sepals, 8 petals, 7 stamens, and normal stigma/style.
All flowers on the plant look like this.  Its f4 siblings will
come into flower shortly, so we can see if it is heritable.

I did not find comparable mutants listed in aatdb.
Has anyone observed mutants or deformities like this in the past?

Thanks for your help.

  - Tom Mitchell-Olds
    University of Montana
    tmo at

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