Re; Lac Repressor in plants (survey)

Sun May 23 22:00:43 EST 1993

Dear netters,
   I apologize for the previous copy of my survey of responses on lac
repressor query. That was my first attempt to send it using ccmail after
uploading file from the hard drive. The result is saying for itself:
many people around the world would think that I have unusual sense of
humour. (Congratulations to those who could decode it, anyway!).
 And now, the 2nd attempt:
I wish to thank all net people who responded to my question on using
Lac repressor in plants. It looks like many people are aware of the
Christiane Gatz work with tet repressor, and are in progress of
using this system in their own experiments. Athough Lac repressor
has also been shown now to work in plants, this didn't pop up from
my net search. Vadim Mett, a friend of mine from New Zealand, pointed
out to a recent paper (EBMO J., 1992, v.11, no.4, 1251-1259) using the
Lac system. Interestingly, Lac in plants was working without any
nuclear localization signal, although it is not clear if it would work
better with NLS. Below I attached few responses about tet repressor.


Barbara Ulmasov,
University of Missouri-Columbia
Biochemistry Department
117 Schweitzer Hall
Columbia, MO 65211
bctrna at

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From: thomas altmann <altmann at>
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To: Biochemistry TRNA Lab at MU-BCHEM-PO1
Subject: lac repressor in plants

Dear Barbara,
Christiane Gatz established a Tet repressor/operator system for plants
using a modified CaMV 35S promoter which works nicely in transgenic
tobacco (Plant Journal 2, 397-404, 1992). We are currently trying to
generate Arabidopsis plants expressing the Tet repressor in order to
use the system for controlled gene expression by Tc treatment.
Thomas Altmann

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From: carries at (Carrie Schneider)
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To: Biochemistry TRNA Lab at MU-BCHEM-PO1
Subject: Re:  lac repressor in plants

There is a report of usage of a tet repressor - operator system:

Gatz, C, C Frohberg, and R Wendenburg. 1992. Stringent repression
and homogeneous de-repression by tetracycline of a modified CaMV 35S
promoter in intact trangenic tobacco plants. Plant J. 2 : 397-404.

Plant J. 2:397-401. (Sorry for mangled text.)
Carrie Schneider

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From: "June Medford" <JIM at PSUVM.PSU.EDU
at MU-INTERNET 5/9/93 12:11PM (380 bytes: 3 ln)
To: Biochemistry TRNA Lab at MU-BCHEM-PO1
Subject: Re:  lac repressor in plants

Cristiana Gatz has developed a real nice system as you described.
We will be putting the repressor in Arabidopsis this summer.
June Medford

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