asking the protocol for the isolation of nuclei from Arabidopsis

Mon May 24 23:38:00 EST 1993

We have cloned a floral induction gene (luminidependens) from Arabidopsis
The sequence of this gene showed a nuclear localizational signal, and
we want to confirm whether this protein is really present in the nucleus.
For this, we are going to isolate the nuclei from the leaves of Arabidopsis
and do the Western blot. If you have a protocol for the nuclear isolation
from Arabidopsis, would you please send me the protocol?
My phone number is (608)-262-4640 and the FAX number is (608)-262-3453
My address is Ilha Lee
              420 henry Mall
              Department of Biochemistry
              University of Wisconsin-Madison
              Madison, WI53706-1569
Thank you for your time and efforts in advance.
                                 Ilha Lee

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