Short-term postdoc in Japan

Robert F. Whittier 101002.2366 at CompuServe.COM
Mon May 31 00:19:56 EST 1993

        Short-term Postdoctoral Opportunity in Japan

A short-term postdoctoral position involving Arabidopsis molecular 
genetics will be available starting, idealy, from September 1, 1993 
and terminating the end of March 1994.  Although some flexibility 
in the starting date exists, the termination date is fixed.  Therefore, 
this position will be ideal for the researcher who has another 
position already arranged, but would like to taste research at 
least briefly in a foreign country.  Ability to communicate 
readily in either Japanese or English is required (notfalls reicht 
auch Deutsch).  

   The research will involve gene isolation and analysis from T-DNA 
transformed lines (generated in planta) altered in their epicuticular 
wax layer or growth habit.  The ideal candidate will have experience 
in tissue culture transformation and regeneration of Arabidopsis 
and/or DNA manipulation techniques.  Experience with genetic analysis 
also a definite plus.  The position will require tight cooperation 
with other researchers and some patience with the foibles of companies.  
Nevertheless, the successful applicant can look forward to learning 
TAIL PCR first hand, a technique developed here for highly efficient 
recovery of genomic sequences flanking segments of known sequence (i.e. 
T-DNA, transposons, YAC insert ends etc.).  We have a well-supplied 
and equipped laboratory located in Tsukuba Science City (near Tokyo).  
Salary will be 250,000-300,000 yen per month (ca. $2,300-$2,800 U.S.) 
depending upon background and experience.  In addition, housing 
assistance and round trip air-fare to and from Japan (for one) will 
be provided.

Applicants should supply a curriculum vitae, and the names of three 
references.  These may be sent directly to this E-mail address 
(101002,2366 at CompuServe.Com) or by fax to +81-298-58-6191 or by 
postal mail to:

Robert F. Whittier
Mitsui Plant Biotech. Res. Inst.
TCI A10, Sengen 2-1-6
Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305

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