Problems with CAPS

Martha K Jensen mkjensen at
Mon Nov 1 12:45:16 EST 1993

Hello everyone!

For a while now, I've been trying to do some mapping with CAPS,
unsucessfully.  Regardless of the conditions and DNA concentrations
that I use, the fragments refuse to amplify on sample DNA.  It will
work on >1 microgram of CsCl purified DNA/reaction, but there's no way
I can do CsCl preps on hundreds of recombinant plants.  I've been 
using the CTAB DNA preps of Doyle and Doyle, and suspect that there 
might be some residue remaining in the DNA to prevent amplification, but
washing the DNA several times doesn't help.  This brings me to my question.

Has anyone out there had good luck with this system, and if so, what
method are you using for DNA preps?  Also, has anyone had any problems
with the MapPairs CAPS primers from Research Genetics?  At least one of
the sets of primers that they sent me was mislabelled or otherwise 

I thank you in advance for any insights that you might have.  If there
is interest, I can summarize any findings here.

Thanks again!

Martha Jensen
mkjensen at


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