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Mark Watson watson at
Mon Nov 1 11:41:33 EST 1993

Hello Arabanetters,
I posted a request several weeks ago for information on a fungus problem I 
was having in my Aracons. I had several requests for info, but no response  
from the net.  So here is what I could find out about my problem:

According to UGA plant pathologist M. McCarty 
it seems that the cool conditions (and stagnant air in the Aracons) 
I was using for growth of my temperature sensitive Arabidopsis plants was 
optimal for the fungus Botrytus.  
He also suggested that Botrytus can develop Benlate resistant strains 
in areas where Benlate is used commonly as a fungicide.  He recommended I try 
Chlorothalonil a broad spectrum fungicide, if I could not grow the plants
at a higher temperature with better air circulation. I have sprayed my plants
with a 0.2 % solution of BRAVO 720 (54% Chlorothalonil from Fermenta ASC) and
it seems to be working with no noticable phytotoxicity.
Hope this may help anyone else out there who has watched some of their prize
plants slowly succumb to a fuzzy death.

Mark Watson
Watson at

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