Lister & Dean RI lines at ABRC

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Wed Nov 10 15:34:11 EST 1993


	The recombinant inbred (RI) lines developed by Dr. Clare Lister 
and Dr. Caroline Dean (Cambridge Lab, JICPSR, Colney Lane Norwich, 
Norfolk, NR4 7UJ, UK) are now available from the Arabidopsis Biological 
Resource Center at Ohio State (ABRC).  The bulked seeds we are distributing 
were supplied to us by the Nottingham Arabidospsis Stock Centre for which we 
thank Dr. Mary Anderson and Dr. Bernard Mulligan. The AFRC funded the
commercial bulking of these lines.  Approximately 50 seeds will be
supplied per line, which should meet sampling requirements for
correct RFLP typing and provide enough tissue for direct analysis
of the resulting plants.  If greater quantities are needed, please
contact us.

	To order a complete set of these RI lines,  you may use the
Stock Number CS-1899.

	These lines are the product of a cross between the ecotypes
Landsberg erecta and Columbia.  Each line was subjected to self
fertilization by single-seed descent for eight  generations.  A
total of 300 RI lines were generated, 100 of which are now
available from ABRC.

	RI lines can be used to map any trait which is polymorphic
between the parents of the lines (Landsberg erecta and Columbia). 
Initially, 66 RFLP markers and one phenotypic marker from the two
previously published RFLP maps (Chang et al, [1988] Proc. Natl.
Acad. Sci. 85, 6856-6860;  Nam et al, [1989] The Plant Cell 1,
699-705) were mapped using 100 of these lines (Lister and Dean,
The Plant Journal, in press).  Hence,  all new markers can be
mapped relative to these known markers. According to the donors, 
more than 120 additional RFLP markers have already been mapped with 
these lines.  

	The segregation data for 66 markers is available upon request, 
by anonymous ftp from the AIMS ftp server (address,,
directory = pub/ABRC), the AIMS gopher or from AAtDB. A central RI 
database, carrying all segregation data for markers mapped onto these RI 
lines, will initially be housed at Norwich, but will soon be transferred 
to NASC.



	Requests for stocks can be submitted by any of
several means:  You may order through AIMS, or a completed order
form may be mailed, faxed or e-mailed to us. Information on using
AIMS can be obtained by sending an e-mail message to: 
aims-manager at  

The addresses for ordering are:

mail:			Arabidopsis Biological Resource Center 
			Ohio State University
			1735 Neil Avenue
			Columbus, OH 43210

fax:			614-292-0603

e-mail, for seed orders:	seeds at 
e-mail, for DNA orders:	        dna at  	

e-mail, for information:	arabidopsis+ at

NOTE: For e-mail orders, type "STOCK ORDER" in the Subject line!

The Center's telephone numbers are:

main number:	614-292-9371
Randy Scholl:	614-292-1982
Keith Davis:	614-292-2115


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