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Clint Chapple chapple at ACLCB.PURDUE.EDU
Thu Nov 11 16:25:57 EST 1993

Following a not-so-recent posting concerning DOS/Windows based databases for
keeping track of Arabidopsis seed stocks, I received the following replies:

from Kim Pruitt  (70761.2216 at

...Regarding your inquery into IBM compatible databases-we are currently
working on writing  a relational seed stock database for IBMs.  Our current
database is for Mac users only and we recognize that this is limiting.  It
will probably be a few months before the IBM version is completed (we are
writing it from scratch using C++ in our spare evenings so it takes
longer...)  I'd be happy to notify you when it is completed if you feel you
may be interested.

from Andrew Millar (ajm2m at

...I started playing with Microsoft Access, a relational database
 program, this year in dribs and drabs. I hoped to build a
plant database with an emphasis on experiments, rather than a
 seed database with an emphasis on tubes. The core of the
database is a mutant isolation project. Tables for plasmid
constructs, seed sources, seed stocks, etc., are linked to the
 tables documenting the progression from mutagenesis to the
characterisation of candidate lines. This has kept my head above
 water for my own work but development has been reactive: when
I have too many crossed progenies to track by hand, I will add
 support for crosses, and so on. This is a poor way to develop
an application and mine is probably not of very general use in
 its present form. Given a concerted effort, though, I could now
 put a similar package together in a few days.

And the following, less useful, and seriously misguided reply:

from Rob Last (rob_last at

Why don't you get with it and get a Mac?

Andrew, Kim and I will keep the network (except for Rob) informed of things
as they develop.

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