meiotic drive and segregation distortion

Matthew Sachs msachs at ADMIN.OGI.EDU
Sat Nov 13 12:19:33 EST 1993

>Hi bionetters:
>I am doing a little project for a class in molecular evolution of plants.
>I chose as topic "meiotic drive and segregation distortion". I haven't
>found a lot of information in the literature, apart from a few articles on
>rice and conifers. I wonder how widespread the phenomenon is in the plant
>kingdom. If you have encountered a situation of non-mendelian (1:1) segregation
>I would appreciate if you could send me some data on it.
>I am looking forward to hearing from you,
>Hugo Volkaert

Please see:

B.C. Turner and D.D. Perkins. Spore killer, a chromosomal factor in
Neurospora that kills meiotic products not containing it.  Genetics 93,
587-606 1979

I suppose it will be difficult to convince your students that Neurospora is
an honorary member of the plant kingdom.  The authors provide references to
similar phenomena in wheat and tomato.

Matthew Sachs

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