Segregation Distortion

Eric Richards richards at BIODEC.WUSTL.EDU
Sat Nov 13 14:23:20 EST 1993

Re: meiotic drive and segregation distortion

>Hi bionetters:
>I am doing a little project for a class in molecular evolution of plants.
>I chose as topic "meiotic drive and segregation distortion". I haven't
>found a lot of information in the literature, apart from a few articles on
>rice and conifers. I wonder how widespread the phenomenon is in the plant
>kingdom. If you have encountered a situation of non-mendelian (1:1) segregation
>I would appreciate if you could send me some data on it.
>I am looking forward to hearing from you,
>Hugo Volkaert

Abnormal chromosome 10 (K10) in maize exhibits segregation distortion.
The genetic behavior and chromosomal structure of K10 have been extensively
studied by Marcus Rhoades and Ellen Dempsey.  Here's a few references:

Rhoades, M.M. (1942) Preferential segregation in maize. Genetics 27:395-407.

Longley, A.E. (1945). Abnormal segregation during megasporogenesis in maize.
     Genetics 30:100-113.

Rhoades, M.M. (1952). Preferential segregation in maize. In: Heterosis
     (ed. J.W. Gowen). Iowa State College Press, Ames. pp.66-80.

Rhoades, M.M. (1966). The effect of abnormal chromosome 10 on preferential
     segregation and crossing over in maize. Genetics 53:989-1020.

Rhoades, M.M. (1985). Structural heterogeneity of chromosome 10 in races of
     maize and teosinte.  In: Plant Genetics (eds.?), Alan. R. Liss, Inc.

 Eric Richards

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