Urgent Request: New Map Data

Tue Nov 16 13:23:00 EST 1993

To the Arabidopsis Community:

     Maarten Koornneef and I are updating the map of genes
identified by mutation for inclusion in the upcoming book on
Arabidopsis to be published by Cold Spring Harbor.  If your
gene of interest was not included on the last "visible marker
map" distributed through ABRC last December, and you would
like to have it included on the new map, you need to contact
us immediately.  We can note the approximate location of your
gene without requiring that data be provided in any particular
format.  All we need is information on distance and orientation
relative to a closely-linked marker (visible or molecular) that
is already part of the integrated map.  Please note that this
request is limited to genes that are not already on the map.

Please provide the following information as soon as possible but
not later than Monday (November 22) if you want your mutant gene
to appear on the new map:

Locus symbol and number:
Linkage group:
Closely-linked marker examined:
Estimated distance (percent recombination) from marker:
    a =  Locus in question appears to be above marker on map
    b =  Locus in question appears to be below marker on map
    x =  Orientation relative to linked marker not known
Reference laboratory (your name):

Please send this information immediately to either:

David Meinke        (btnydwm at mvs.ucc.okstate.edu) or
Maarten Koornneef   (maarten.koornneef at celgen.el.wau.nl)

Thanks for your assistance.

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