High Tech Greenhouse Design

Mark Guiltinan Mark_Guiltinan at AGCS.CAS.PSU.EDU
Wed Nov 24 15:34:53 EST 1993

    We are in the process of planning the construction of a new "state of the
art" greenhouse for physiological studies.  We would like to have the input
(both positive and negative) of others who have been through this before.  Who
out there has "state of the art" greenhouses?  What are the variable controlled
and what are the best ways to control them.  What are the general
considerations you have made such as section size, basic framework plan etc.? 
What are the best companies for this sort of construction.  We would greatly
appreciate your time and effort in answering this posting, even if it is just a
lead to a person or company you know who could help us.

Thanks in advance,

Mark Guiltinan
Penn State Biotechnology Institute
mjg at psupen.psu.edu

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