yeast transformation

Christophe Robaglia robaglia at
Fri Nov 26 12:13:55 EST 1993

Dear networkers,
I am trying to complement yeast mutant with arabidopsis cDNA libraries.
The problem is that I can't get more than 1000 transformant per ug
DNA using the LiAc protocol described by (Gietz et al, 1992, NAR, 20, p142),.
changing the PEG 4000 to PEG 6OOO did already increase the yield nearly 10
times. As the expected number of transformant is 500000-1000000 I would be
very grateful to anybody which can give some help to improve the method. I
already know that my particular yeast strain is as "transformable" as
standard strain and I suspect some toxicity problem in the compounds used.
Thank you in advance.
christophe Robaglia

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