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Tue Oct 5 14:18:37 EST 1993

Dear Netters,
Several people have recently asked whether the Ausubel lab 
CAPS markers, which were developed for a Columbia x Landsberg 
cross would be useful for other crosses.  We have surveyed 
these markers in 6 lines and the results are shown below.  
The DP23 line is a multiply marked line constructed by David 
Patton which contains 1 marker on each chromosome (ch1, er, 
gl1, cer2, and tt3).  In the table below, a C indicates a 
Columbia pattern, an L indicates a Landsberg pattern and a 
dash indicates that no product was seen or the pattern was 
inconsistent.  In all cases the sizes of the products were 
similar to that reported by Konieczny and Ausubel, except as 
previously noted by Chip Celenza, the L and C patterns are 
reversed for the PVV4 marker.  Our results with WS are the 
same as those reported earlier by Michele Champagne.

Marker    ____________Line_______________ Enzyme
          Col  Land  W100  WS   DP23  No0
PVV4      C    L     L     C    L     C   
NCC1      -    -     -     -    -     -
GAPB      C    L     L     C    L     C   DdeI
ADH       C    L     L     C    L     C   XbaI
m246      C    L     L     L    L     -
GPA1      C    L     L     C    L     C
m429      C    L     L     L    L     C
GAPC      C    L     L     L    C     C
GAPA      C    L     L     L    L     L
GL1       C    L     -     -    -     -
BGL1      C    L     L     L    L     L   RsaI
GA1       C    L     L     C    L     C
AG        C    L     L     L    L     L
PG11      C    L     L     C    L     L
DHS1      C    L     L     L    C     L   BsaAI
ASA1      C    L     L     L    L     -
DFR       C    L     -     C    C     C
LFY3      C    L     L     L    L     L

Total C:  17   0     0     7    3     8
Total L:  0    17    15    9    13    6

By this limited analysis, WS and No0 seem about equally 
divergent from both Columbia and Landsberg.  Not 
surprisingly, because of how they were constructed, W100 and 
DP23 are very similar to Landsberg.

Tim Caspar

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