anther development: any ideas?

John Morris morrisjohn at AMBER.MGH.HARVARD.EDU
Thu Oct 7 10:59:07 EST 1993

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    >Subject: anther development: any ideas?
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    >I am new to the list and also to the plant molecular biology community.
    >I just got a position in France and I would like to build a project on
    >anther development and, more precisely, positional information and
    >cell-type specification within anther primordium.
    (Much deleted)
    >Does anybody know mutants or plants that could be interesting for us?
    A good place to start looking for information is in the gopher server for
    the Arabodpsis Database (AAtDB) available on  A
    quick search on the word "anther*" pulls out 36 papers, several flowering
    and fertility mutants, and strain numbers for several plant lines available
    from the Nottingham Arabidopsis Stock Centre or the Ohio State Stock
    John Morris
    Curator AAtDB
    morrisjohn at
    >We would be glad to have different opinions about this research project
    >from you all.
    >Thank you

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