anther development: any ideas?

Gilles VACHON vachon at
Thu Oct 7 10:58:56 EST 1993

I am new to the list and also to the plant molecular biology community.
I just got a position in France and I would like to build a project on
anther development and, more precisely, positional information and
cell-type specification within anther primordium.
In a few words: since plant cell fate seems to be related to cell position
rather than cell ancestry, what are the positional cues that are provided
to cells within the anther primordium to allow them to follow a particular
differentiation pathway (archesporial cells, tapetum, microspore mother
cells, etc...)? 
At the moment, we haven't decided yet which plant we will work with:
Arabidopsis, Brassica, maize, tobacco...?

One molecular approach would consist in doing differential or substractive
screening between two closely related stages (just when the primordium is
starting to arise) with the hope of getting an enriched 'early genes' bank.
The main problem here is the size of the anther primordium which does not
allow to recover a large amount of material at these very early stages (at
least not with Arabidopsis...) except maize maybe.

Another possibility is the genetic approach, although mutants are more
likely to be mutated in late developmental genes.

Does anybody know mutants or plants that could be interesting for us?

We would be glad to have different opinions about this research project
from you all.

Thank you

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