Long PCR

Thu Oct 7 11:44:22 EST 1993

Dear Arabidopsis genome workers,

	I have improved PCR to the point that I can routinely amplify
up to 28-35 kb from lambda DNA.  I call this LA Technology, whose initials
stand for Long and Accurate (accurate signifies high fidelity).

	I am looking for a genomic test bed.  One obvious one is human DNA,
since 73 contiguous kb are on Genbank.

	However, I would like to try some Arabidopsis DNA.  What is the
longest piece of Arabidopsis sequence that anyone has?  Alternatively,
does someone have an actual mapping problem in the range 10-30 kb that
I could try to solve with my long PCR system?  

	Sincerely,   Wayne M. Barnes, 314/362-3351  Barnes at BIOLGY.wustl.edu

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