MeyerowitzE meyerowitze at STARBASE1.CALTECH.EDU
Thu Oct 7 01:15:36 EST 1993


Rick Amasino and his colleagues at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are
proposing to sponsor an Arabidopsis meeting at U.W. from July 14-17, 1994. 
(This will not be an official International Arabidopsis Congress, since the
next one of these is planned for England at a later date.)  Costs will be
kept very low, and the facilities will be good.  Is there general support for
such a meeting?  Does anyone know of any conflicts with these particular
dates?  Please let us know ASAP: U.W. needs a confirmed reservation very soon
if the meeting is to take place.  

R. Amasino (amasino at for U.W., and E. Meyerowitz
(meyerowitze at for the North American Arabidopsis
Steering Committee.

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