protoplast regeneration

g_wenck at g_wenck at
Fri Oct 8 16:24:07 EST 1993

concerning the generation of callus from mesophyl protoplast in
Arabidopsis, there are several references available:
Karesch et. al.(1991)  Plant Cell Reports 9:575-578 
Damm and Willmitzer (1988) Mol. Gen. Genet. 213:15-20
Xuan and Menczel (1980) Z. Pflanzenphysiol. 96:77-80
Currently I am using regenerating material from our root culture system
(Marton and Browse (1991) Plant Cell Reports 10:235-239) to produce 
mesophyl protoplast.  I have fairly good efficiency using standard isolation
techniques and embedding protoplast in either Bacto Agar or Alginate.  I
can produce a lot of callus but have yet to regenerate plants.  This method
has the advantage of having a limitless amount of clonal material using
root cultures from a single plant as the starting material for generating 
(regenerating) plants.  If you would like more details you my e-mail address


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