PCR from solid tissue ?

Gilles VACHON vachon at BIO.GRENET.FR
Mon Oct 11 10:35:37 EST 1993

Having problems to collect large amounts of material, I would like to know
if some of you have heard about PCR directly from very small amounts of
plant material, (e.g. ONE meristem...)
Also, if possible, can we imagine doing a cDNA bank from a piece of tissue
that small after RT and PCR amplification?  

Is there a PCR God on the list who can answer these questions?
Thanks in advance.
Gilles Vachon
University of Grenoble
Tel: (33) 76 51 45 48 
Fax: (33) 76 51 43 36
e-mail: vachon at bio.grenet.fr

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