Cab/GUS fusion line

Wed Oct 13 13:23:32 EST 1993

Dear Netters, 

        Can anyone make available seed from a reasonably  well
characterized transgenic Arabidopsis line homozygous for  a Cab
promoter:GUS reporter construct? The ideal line would contain sufficient
Cab promoter to behave normally relative to the endogenous Cab genes.  We
are working with carotenoid deficient mutants and incorporating into these
lines such a reporter gene  would allow us to follow expression of nuclear
encoded, chloroplastically targeted genes like Cab without always 
resorting to northerns.  Any genetic background is fine and if the
transgene behaves as a single locus genetically it would make the crosses
easier.    Thanks, Dean DellaPenna
Dean Della Penna
University of Arizona

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