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> resident plasmid.  Does anyone in this country have such a strain?  If not , does anyone have an A. tumefaciens with a resident plasmid with the following features:
> Resident plasmid bears nopaline-type vir genes
> Resident plasmid was disarmed with a marker other than kanamycin or a member of the ampicillin/carbenicillin family.
> The residnt plasmid was disarmed by deletion of the T-DNA oborders.
> Thanks,
> Anton Callaway
> Boyce Thompson Institute
> Tower Road
> Cornell University
> Ithaca, NY 14853
Dr C. I. Kado has LBA4301 (a recombination minus, Agro strain with 
resistance to Rifampicin) and pUCD2614, a clone of the pTiC58 (a nopaline
strain) vir genes in a shuttle vector, containing no remnant of tDNA.  This
were constructed in his lab by Peter Rogowsky.  The plasmid pUCD2614 has a
Kan/Neo resistance gene in agro.  If I remember correctly, Peter also made
an identical clone with a Tet resistance gene, but I forget the number.  In 
our hands, this combo gave more efficient transfer of tDNA than the popular
LBA4404 (containing the vir plasmid pAL4404) in tobacco (see Zyprian and 
Kado, Plant Molecular Biology).  Dr. Kado can be reached on the net at
or by snail mail at	Dept of Plant Pathology
			University of California, Davis
			Davis, CA  95616
Good luck, hope this helps.
	Dr. Leonard N. Bloksberg
	Dept. of Crop and Soil Science
	Michigan State University
	East Lansing, MI  48912
	Bloksber at
ps	I also have pUCD2614 in LBA4301, but I would prefer you ask Cal 

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