PM H+ ATPase genes

piero morandini pm1 at it.unimi.csi.imiucca
Fri Oct 15 10:04:40 EST 1993

Dear All,
	I recently joined a plant physiology group at the University of 
Milan (Italy).  The people here are characterizing two mutants which
show reduced sensitivity to fusicoccin and are therefore supposed to be
altered in the pathway from the fusicoccin receptor to the plasma 
membrane proton pump (PM H+ ATPase).  Since we are interested in identifying
and possibly clone the corresponding genes, we started to do the crosses
to assign the mutation to a particular chromosome.
Since the experiments with the mutants do not rule out the possibility that
the defects could lie in the ATPase, we would be very interested to know
whether the various genes for the PM H+ ATPase have been genetically
mapped. My last reference on the Arabidopsis genes is:
	Harper et al. 1990 J. Biol. Chem. 265,  13601-13608.
The authors refer to at least three cloned genes, but many more appear to
be behind the corner.
	Can anybody help?
				Piero Morandini 
				Depart. of Biology  "L. Gorini"
				via Celoria 220133  Milano (Italy)
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