Desperately seeking Premat Conehead (wife-unit of Beldar, mother-unit of Connie)

Sat Oct 9 14:14:49 EST 1993

To "Desparate", this article appeared in a recent
National Inquirer issue:

Locals are distraught over the recent disappearance of
Premat Conehead from the Arabidopsis bash in Columbus, OH.
One of our reporters has been investigating and offers the 
following leads which may suss out the problem:  Arguing that
Premat would be hard to conceal on an airplane, she most likely
was absconded by automobile. Thus focusing the search on a 
restricted area, our investigator uncovered a rumor of a sighting 
at a party close to a rather large lake, where an abundance of 
Old Milwaukee beer and cheese curd was served.  Such goings-on 
may well be associated with FART activity, apparently under the
auspices of an Arabidopsis training grant.  Despite this fiendish
assault, Premat was reportedly fairing well, although board to death.
There were murmurings that to avoid capture, she might be
transferred to a sunnier location on a cliff overlooking 
a nudist beach in southern California.  This rumour has not
been confirmed.

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