Dormancy breaking in Arabidopsis

Michel HERZOG herzog at fr.grenet
Tue Oct 12 08:13:20 EST 1993

Dear Networkers,
We are facing some problems with germination of young batches (3 to 6
months after harvesting) of seeds from various ecotypes. These include both
wild types and T-DNA transformed lines.
For technical reasons, we woulkd like to screen seed collections without
pre-imbibition at 4oC for 2 to 4 days. We also would like to give only a
short light pulse (let's say 3 hours) to induce germination.
Does anyone can tell me if these conditions can be fulfilled with
Arabidopsis and if other tricks can be applied to get early, maximum
germination rate.
Thanks for your help.

Michel Herzog,     
Dep.Plant Mol Biol, Univ Grenoble, France
herzog at

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