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Tue Oct 12 11:35:00 EST 1993

                      LONG ASHTON RESEARCH STATION
                  Department of Agricultural Sciences,
                         University of Bristol,
                AFRC Institute of Arable Crops Research,
                      Long Ashton Research Station,
                           Bristol, BS18 9AF.

                        INTRACELLULAR SIGNALLING

Applications are invited for two posts, funded by the AFRC
Intracellular Signalling Programme, to join an established
multidisciplinary team of research scientists studying hormone
perception, signal transduction and the regulation of plant gene


The project will involve studying components of signal
transduction pathways in aleurone cells in relation to the
perception and action of the plant hormones gibberellin and
abscisic acid.  Applications are invited from biochemists or
molecular biologists interested in plant cell signalling. 
Reference number AI 206/578.  

                           MOLECULAR BIOLOGIST

The project will involve studying G protein-mediated
transmembrane signalling in higher plants.  Applications are
invited from experienced molecular biologists interested in
cloning receptors and components of G-protein signalling
pathways.  Reference number AI 206/579.  

Applicants should have a Ph.D. and preferably some post-doctoral
research experience in a relevant research area.  The
appointments will be for a three year fixed term, are pensionable
and will be in the Higher Scientific Officer grade (12,833 -
18,632 per annum).

Further particulars may be obtained from The Personnel Officer,
Department of Agricultural Sciences, University of Bristol, AFRC-
IACR, Long Ashton Research Station, Long Ashton, BRISTOL, BS18
9AF.  Informal enquiries can be made by contacting Dr Richard
Hooley (Tel: 0275-392181 xtn 365) (EMail:Hooley at UK.AC.AFRC.LARS). 

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