Premat- wife unit of Beldar update

Tue Oct 12 11:14:04 EST 1993

I have received the following message from an anonymous second party and am
posting it as requested.

"Being that I am a member of the Secret Society of the Arabidopsis Training
Grant (much more respectable and clandestine than the rumored FART's), I
personally cannot confirm or deny any staments pertaining to our operations
in the Land of Cheese.  The intricate web of vows that ties, binds and
gives us strength prevents me from doing so.  However, through much
deliberation the Exalted Silique and High Council has granted me ability to
make a token press release:  Premat did not translocate her being in the
van of Suss.  Further information will be handed down at the discretion of
the Exalted."

Any additional notices I might receive will be passed on.  Jocelyn Turner
                                                          Indiana University

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