Postdoctoral Position in Signal Transduction

D. Kyle Willis dkw at PLANTPATH.WISC.EDU
Mon Oct 18 17:36:23 EST 1993

Postdoctoral Research on Signal Transduction in Plant Pathogenic 

A NSF funded postdoctoral position is available to study the 
genetics and biochemistry of signal transduction in Pseudomonas 
syringae that are pathogenic on bean or Arabidopsis thaliana.  We 
have recently isolated and characterized a genetic regulator that 
is ubiquitous within Pseudomonas syringae (see Hrabak & Willis 
(1992) J. Bacteriol. 174, 3011-3020; Barta et al. (1992) J. 
Bacteriol. 174, 3021-3029; and Rich et al. (1992) Appl. Env. 
Microbiol. 58, 1440-1446; Barta et al. (1993) Appl. Environ. 
Microbiol. 59, 458-466.).  The postdoctoral position (beginning 
IMMEDIATELY) will entail the molecular characterization of 
additional mutations in P. syringae that block lesion formation 
on bean and Arabidopsis.  An emphasis of this research will be to 
identify additional members of the lemA  regulon.  We 
are seeking an individual who has interests in prokaryotic 
molecular genetics/biochemistry with an emphasis on DNA 
sequencing, and gene product characterization.  The funding level 
is from $22,500 to 25,000 per annum depending on experience.  The 
funding source is a combination of a NSF competive grant and the 
Arabidopsis Training Grant in Signal Transduction.  Do to funding 
limitations, this position is restricted to U. S. citizens or 
permanent residents.  Send curriculum vitae and names of 
three references to: 

D. Kyle Willis																											Tel.		(608)262-5063
USDA/ARS Plant Disease Resistance Unit			Email <DKW at PLANTPATH.WISC.EDU>
Department of Plant Pathology
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