cDNA library from dark-grown tissue

jkreps at jkreps at
Mon Oct 25 13:06:08 EST 1993

Dear Network,

I am interested in obtaining a cDNA clone of a sequence related to a gene
I have been studying.  I observe this related sequence in northern blots of
RNA from Arabidopsis plants which have been growing in the dark for a couple
of days.  Before I construct my own library, I thought I would check to see
if anyone has such a library and whether he or she would be willing to send 
it to me.  The size of the transcript in question is between 1000 and 1500 b
and is detected within 24 hours after transfer of plants from light to 
dark conditions.   Thanks in advance.


		Joel A. Kreps
		Anne Simon's Lab
		Bioch. Dept.
		U. Mass. at Amherst

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