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	On 25 Oct 1993 jkreps at wrote:
	> Dear Network,
	> I am interested in isolating a cDNA clone for a sequence related to 
	> a gene I have been studying.  I observe this sequence in northern
	> blots of RNA from dark-grown Arabidopsis.  Before I construct a
	> cDNA library of my own, I thought I would check to see if any one
	> has a such a library and if he or she would be willing to send it
	> to me.  The sequence of interest is between 1000 and 1500 b in size and
	> is observed maximally within 24 hours of putting light-grown plants
	> into dark conditions.  Thanks in advance.
	Dear Joel Kreps,
	We made a cDNA library from etiolated Arabidopsis seedlings. It is being
	used for our systematic cDNA sequencing project. The library was
	constructed in a plasmid after size fractionation of the cDNAs into three
	size classes (0.5-1kb, 1-2.2kb, >2.2kb). I could send you a lyophilized
	miniprep of the amplified library corresponding to the second sizeclass>
	Please let me know your postal address if you would like to receive a sample..
	Herman Hofte

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