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	> Dear Arabinetters,
	>         Does anyone have any information about the availability and/or
	> procedures for obtaining EST clones from the latest set that was generated by
	> the French group?  I know that the Stock Center has clones for the first set
	> of ESTs, I was wondering if the the more recent clones were available yet.
	> Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.
	Dear Melissa Melan,
	A number of clones also for the last release are already in the stock
	center of Ohio. If you can't find the clone you want, you should contact
	the laboratory that determined the sequence, which should be indicated on the
	database (dbEST or EMBL) entry. If you can't find the address, please let
	me know which clones you need, I will forward the message to the
	appropriate lab.
	Herman Hofte

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