Steve Rolfe's message decoded -- ADPGase genes

Fri Sep 17 12:41:48 EST 1993

Dear networkers,

Thank you for your speedy response about Arabidopsis ADP glucose pyrophosphorylase genes.  Here is a summary of the replies.

Thanks again

Steve Rolfe
s.rolfe at

From: Rob Last <rob_last at>
Subject: Re: ADP glucose pyrophosphor
To: STEPHEN A ROLFE <S.Rolfe at>
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        Reply to:   RE>ADP glucose pyrophosphoryla
I suggest contacting Jack Preiss at Michigan State, or perhaps Ganesh Kishore
at Monsanto (the latter group is unlikely to be working on Arab., but perhaps
on related crucifers.  Good luck.
Rob Last
From: "Chris.Somerville" <21847CRS at>
Subject: ADP glucose pyrophosphorylase
In-Reply-To: The letter of Thursday, 16 September 1993 1:42pm ET

Per Villand has cloned all of the ADPglucose pyro genes from Arabidopsis and
will probably be happy to give you clones. His address is
pvilland at

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