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>Subject: Hardy Mangoes and other novelties
>New this Spring from WHAT-THE-HAYE NURSERIES
>P.O. Box 12345
>Homily, MO 01011
>HARDY MANGO - "Nanook"  This sudden genetic break from the common
>mango strains produced a tree that can be grown as far north as zone 4
>with no visible damage.  Evergreen, this tree stays lush and beautiful
>to 5F, showing slight cold damage at -10 and below.  Fruit ripens in
>February, and is comparable to the best tropical cultivars, though tends to
>be tough at temperatures below 20 degrees.
>MANGO "Nanook" - 2' trees, $30.00
>BLUE RASPBERRY - Ever long to grow the same blue raspberry that supplies
>the flavor for cotton candy, popsicles, and blue Jell-o?  This was a
>gardener's impossible dream until recently, as this plant grew only in
>the volcanic soils in wind-swept Tierra del Fuego, and was gathered from
>the  mat-forming plants by the local indians.  Now an upright less
>finicky form is available, though it will not flourish in areas with hot
>BLUE RASPBERRY (Rubus dubia) - 5 canes for $40.00.  Supply limited.
>*Exclusive*  POPCORN ON THE COB?!  We have long wanted to offer this
>unusual variety of popcorn but could not obtain stock until this year.
>"Early Wonder" popcorn is the only variety of popcorn known that actually
>pops on the plant.  This corn grows normally until the ears mature, and
>then, when the weather gets hot, *watch out!!*  The first day over 90
>degrees will cause the kernels to pop right in the husk.  You have to add
>the salt and butter though.  Great conversation piece.
>Popcorn "EARLY WONDER" - $5.00 per packet.  Shipped in cold storage.
>"HOLY TLAQUEPAQUE" Hot Pepper.  This is positively the hottest pepper we
>have ever seen or heard of.  Small cherry-sized peppers cause severe
>blistering with mere skin contact, and eating just one can render the
>most seasoned pepper-eaters unable to speak or even swallow for several
>days.  This is not an ornamental pepper - growth tends to be rangy and
>tall, with sparse pale leaves.  To tell the truth, we couldn't say what
>you would do with this pepper.  But they sure are hot.
>Pepper "HOLY TLAQUEPAQUE" - .50 per packet.
>ANT TREE - Myrmecodium, with ant colonies.  An unusual plant with a
>swollen stubby trunk from which the flowers and fruit come directly.
>Your friends will want to take a closer look, but imagine their surprise
>when they find themselves covered with vicious stining ants!  Good
>conversation starter.  The tree is not difficult to grow and propagate,
>but we must ask a higher price because the queen ants are so difficult to
>smuggle past the border agents.
>ANT TREE - ea. $70.00   Ant cultures shipped seperately.
>New Plant Collection Offers:
>1. "Barrier Garden"  This is a collection of all the most beautiful and
>unusual plants with stinging or irritating hairs.  Includes 5 varieties
>of nettle, including the famous "creeping nettle" of Venezuela, which
>spreads quickly by underground runners, Devil's Club from the Pacific
>Northwest, a beautiful shurb-small tree covered with irritating spines,
>several species of Loasa, and of course, the famous Australian Nettle
>Tree, a brush of which can make a man writhe in pain for days.  Plant this
>collection instead of an electric fence to keep plant thieves away from
>your prized items.  $30.00
>2. "New Roses" collection.  The biggest and gaudiest of the new hybrid tea
>roses, many with no irritating fragrance to mask your own perfume, natural
>scent, or barbecue smoke.  Some of these varieties combine up to five
>colors in one bloom.  A few examples:  "LIBERACE" - This rose throws up
>candelabra-like spikes of large shining blooms of green, red, and hot
>pink, with crystalline sparkling spots.  "ROSEANNE" - A white and red
>striped *big* fully double rose which does have a slight scent of old
>beer.  "SCREAMING QUEEN" - Lavender and magenta of course, with red
>flecks and lots of other colors too.  Developed from a seedling of
>"Liberace," this rose has an interesting scent, somewhere between
>"Obscession" and "Aramis."  "MADONNA"  Tall thin plants with black shiny
>leather-like blooms.  Pistils protrude far beyond the rest of the floral
>parts.  Will hybridize with anything.  $60.00

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