FASEB Plant Development and Cell Biology Meeting

Philip N. Benfey benfeyp at ACFCLUSTER.NYU.EDU
Tue Apr 5 13:19:40 EST 1994

Dear members of the Arabidopis community,
Attached is a schedule of this summer's FASEB meeting to be held in Saxton's
River Vermont.  The idea this year was to catalyze interactions between
those working on plant cell biology and plant development.  We have left
some slots available for additional speakers to be chosen from submitted
abstracts.  Those interested in attending the meeting should contact the
FASEB offices directly at 9650 Rockville Pike, Bethesda MD 20814-3998; FAX


August 6-11, 1994
Saxtons River, Vermont

Chairs: Sarah Hake, Plant Gene Expression Center, Calif.
        Philip Benfey, New York University
        Steven Briggs, Pioneer Hi-Bred International

        E. Coen, John Innes Institute, U.K.     "The Genetic Control of
Flower Development"

(1)     Ovules and Gametophytes:   (sun am)
        C. Gasser, U. of Calif. at Davis.    "Genetic analysis of pistil
        P. Bedinger, U. of North Carolina       "Molecular and cellular
studies of male gametophyte development"

(2)     Organ Initiation:   (sun eve)
        I. Sussex, U. of California, Berkeley   "Fate mapping the meristem
of Arabidopsis"
        G. Jurgens, Institut fur Genetik, Muchen        "Genes, cell
behavior and pattern formations in the Arabidopsis embryo"
        S. Hake, Plant Gene Expression Center   "The role of Knotted in
leaf initiation"

(3)     Cell Polarity and Division:   (mon am)
        K. Roberts, John Innes Institute, U.K.  "The cell surface in plant
        R. Quatrano, U. of North Carolina       "Cell polarity
establishment in Fucus"
        V. Sundaresan, Cold Spring Harbor       "Regulation of cell
division in plants"

(4)      Vegetative Growth:   (mon pm)
        P. Benfey, N. Y. University             "The Genetics of root
morphogenesis in Arabidopsis"
        S. Poethig, U. of Pennsylvania          "Genetic regulation of
phase change in maize and Arabidopsis"
        D. Cosgrove, Penn State                 "EXTENSINS - novel proteins
that catalyze extension in plant cell walls"
        L. Smith, Plant Gene Expression Center  "The tangled mutation
uncouples cell division patterns from morphogenesis in the maize leaf"

(5)     Techniques for Dissecting Development:   (mon eve)
        P. Heslop-Harrison, John Innes Institute, "Modulation of rDNA
        R. Phillips, Univ. of Minn.             "Genetic analysis of
quantitative traits"

(6)     Cell differentiation:   (tues am)
        J. Croxdale, U. of Wisconsin            "Stomatal patterning in
        J. Schiefelbein, U. of Michigan         "Root cell differentiation
in Arabidopsis"
        N. Dengler, U. of Toronto               "Photosynthetic tissue
differentiation in C4 plants"

(7)     Cell Interactions:   (tues eve)
        P. Zambryski, U. of California, Berkeley "Plant virus movement
proteins as probes for plasmodesmata structure and function"
        S. Briggs, Pioneer                      "Regulation of gene
expression during the infection process"
        K. Okada, Okazaki, Japan                "Genetic network of
stimulus-response in root"

(8)     Nuclear - Organelle Interactions:   (wed am)
        R. Martienssen, Cold Spring Harbor      "Mutants of maize in leaf
and chloroplast development"
        X.W. Deng, Yale University              "Genetic analysis of
        J.A. Chory, Salk Institute              "Genetic interactions
controlling Arabidopsis photomorphogenesis"

(9)     Hormones and Development:   (wed pm)
        J. Ecker, U. of Pennsylvania            "Genetic and molecular
interactions controlling ethylene signal
     transduction in Arabidopsis"
        R.M. Walden, Max-Planck Institute       "Gene tagging by
transcriptional activation: isolation of genes instrumental in auxin action"
        N. Harberd, John Innes Institute                "Genetic and
molecular analysis of gibberellin signal transduction in Arabidopsis"

(10)    Sexual reproduction:   (thurs am)
        E. Meyerowitz, California Institute of Technology
"The genetic control of flower development"
        S. Dellaporta, Yale University   "Sex determination in maize"
        M. Yanofsky, U. of California, San Diego  "Genes specifying floral
meristem identity in Arabidopsis

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