germination and GA

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Sat Apr 9 16:06:37 EST 1994


I have one mutant and a bunch of putants from a couple of years ago which either
don't germinate at all (the mutant) or with low frequency (the putants).
With the mutant, I had one seed out of several hundred germinate, but the 
seedling failed to thrive even after transfer to MS + sucrose from At-salts.
I have about 100 seed left and would like to recover this mutant to continue
the project.
With the putants, the low germination frequency is making re-screeing almost

In the depths of my mind I recall using GA to facilitate germination. I seem to
recall imbibing seed in 1mM GA3. However, I can't remember whether this was
Arabidopsis or N. plumb.

Any advice appreciated either to me or the net. I will summarize and post if the
replies are helpful.

Thanks in anticipation.

Chris Town.

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