Ws-Ler RFLPs

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Thu Apr 21 08:19:30 EST 1994

Ws-Ler RFLPs
For the mapping that we have been doing in our lab we have needed to 
find Ws- Ler RFLPs.  Here are the  RFLPs we have found so far, using as 
probes clones described in papers by Chang et al [(1988),Proc. Natl. 
Acad. Sci. USA, 85, 6856-6860], Fabri and Schaffner [(1994) Plant 
Journal, 5 (1), 149-156] and Nam et al. [(1989) Plant Cell 1, 
699-705].  RFLPs from Chang et al  are prefaced by m,  cosmids from 
Nam et al. by g, and arms markers are followed by (ARMS).  Also 
included are 1962-1(DNA flanking an Ac insertion) and O282-E1 
(DNA flanking a Ds insertion), both clones isolated in our lab.  
We hope this information will be of use to others. 

John Chandler, Allison Wilson, and Caroline Dean, 
John Innes Centre, Norwich, NR4 7UJ,  England.
Fax: (603) 505725   E-mail: arabidopsis at

Results are follows in the form:  
Marker,  (Chromosome number), Enzymes showing RFLPs  

m219 , (1), Bcl I
m488, (1), Bcl I
m321, (1), EcoRV
m213, (1), Bcl I; EcoRI; HindIII; SspI
m305, (1), Bgl II; EcoRI; Bcl I; HindIII; Bgl I; Xba I
m532, (1), EcoRI
m246, (2), EcoRI
O282-E1, (2), EcoRI; HindIII; SspI
m220, (2), EcoRV; BamHI; Bcl I; EcoRI
m336, (2), EcoRI
g3838, (3), Bcl I; EcoRI; EcoRV
g4708, (3), HindIII; EcoRV; Bcl I; Bgl II; BamHI
g17341, (3), Bcl I; Bgl II
467 1 (ARMS), (3), SspI
560 B1a (ARMS), (3), EcoRI
m255, (3), Bcl I
m433, (3), Bcl I; Bgl II; SspI
1962-1, (3), Bcl I; EcoRI; EcoRV; HindIII  
m249, (3), Bcl I; Bgl II
m457, (3), EcoRI
m424, (3), EcoRI
m506, (4), BamHI; EcoRI; EcoRV; HindIII; Ssp I; XbaI
m210, (4), EcoRV; EcoRI; Bcl I; BamHI; Bgl II
326 (ARMS), (4), BamHI; EcoRI; HindIII
d104 (ARMS), (4), Bcl I;  Bgl II; EcoRI; Ssp I
m291, (5), Bcl I; Bgl I; EcoRV
m422, (5), EcoRI; HindIII
m225, (5), EcoRI
m435, (5), Bgl II; EcoRI; SspI
m555, (5), BamHI; Bgl I (neither very good band separation on 0.8% gels)

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