35SCaMV-GUS plants

Dave Dalton dave_dalton at QM.SALK.EDU
Mon Apr 25 15:44:37 EST 1994

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Dear Netters,

I am looking for Arabidopsis seeds of a (phenotypically wild-type) transgenic
plant that is homozygous for a (preferably single) T-DNA insertion that
expresses GUS from the CaMV-35S promoter. If there is anyone out there that
has such seeds and is willing to part with some of them I would be very 

Michiel M. Van Lookeren Campagne
Department of Developmental Biology
P.O. Box 16
6700 AA Wageningen
The Netherlands
Tel: +31-8370-77048
FAX: +31-8370-18094
E-mail: campagne at cpro.agro.nl

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