CAP marker GAP B

alex cernac acernac at
Tue Apr 26 09:45:55 EST 1994

     At the moment I'm stuck in the abyss of PCR Hell.  I would appreciate
any advice anyone can give me on getting amplification of CAP marker GAP B
(Konieczny and Ausubel, The Plant Journal, 1993,  4(2)  403-415).  I have
changed my solutions and altered MgCl levels, as well as trying various DNA
samples.  I am trying to amplify from genomic DNA from Colombia and
Landsberg.  I have also tried other CAP primers and I haven't gotten
amplification from those either.  The conditions are the same as stated in
the research article.  Any advice would be helpful.
     A second question: Does anyone know of any enzymes that will get a
RFLP between NDO and Col using CAP marker GAP B PCR product?

Thanks for any suggestions,


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