RNA on slot/dot blots

pstaswick at crcvms.unl.edu pstaswick at crcvms.unl.edu
Thu Apr 28 14:28:33 EST 1994

In article <57119.DGalbrai at CCIT.ARizona.EDU>, DGalbrai at CCIT.ARIZONA.EDU (David Galbraith) writes:
> A quick question;  sorry if naive!  -- what is the absolute minimum of RNA
> that is needed on a slot blot in order to detect whether a specific cloned
> sequence is present or absent?  Any other approaches or ideas for
> quantitating specific transcripts in low amounts of RNA gratefully received!
> David Galbraith

The problem with RNA slot/dot blots is that at lower limits of detection one      
loses confidence that the signal is real. On a northern, a band of the expected
size gives one more confidence. Ribonuclease protection assays (e.g. Ambion) are
supposed to be more sensitive tha northerns, but I have no personal experience.

Regards, Paul Staswick

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