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In virto aberrations

jkreps at biochem.umass.edu jkreps at biochem.umass.edu
Fri Aug 19 08:23:00 EST 1994

My fellow Arabidopsis workers,

In many of my in vitro experiments using Landsberg erecta I observe what I
refer to as "morphological aberrations" at a frequency of approximately
15% - 20%.  Such plants remain in a bushy vegetative state with leaves that
appear larger than normal, and senesce fairly rapidly.
Is this a common in vitro phenomenon for the Landsberg ecotype, or due to
high humidity?  Is this an example of vitrification, and if so why would one
seed grow normally and one remain bushy when both are in the same jar? 
I am germinating and subsequently growing seed on MS medium with 
phytagel (1.8g/L) in glass jars at 20+/- 2 degrees Celsius under a 16 hour 
photoperiod (~60uE/m2/s).

Any comments would be appreciated,

Eugene B Fredericks
Dept. Genetics & Developmental Biology
Monash University
Clayton, Victoria 3168

These pretzels are making me thirsty!

Dear Eugene,

I have grown a lot of Col-O seedlings under conditions similar to those you are
using and have observed unusual plantlets also, however, not at the rate 
you mentioned.  In my case I would occasionally see a seedling germinate,
 grow some and then stop growing completely while other seedlings on the same
 plate would progress through a "normal" in vitro
life cycle.  If I left the plate in the incubator and it didn't dry out, the
stunted plantlet would survive for months without any change.  I have often
wondered how these seeds/seedlings are different from their cohorts from the
same seed stock.  Perhaps other people have also observed unusual behaviors
from seedlings grown in agar?


Joel A. Kreps
U. Mass. at Amherst, USA

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