Postdoctoral position available

Fri Dec 2 11:00:29 EST 1994

POSTDOCTORAL  POSITION - Development of plasmid-like 
expression vectors in Arabidopsis. 

	A position is available immediately to use geminivirus
origins of replication to amplify plasmid-like expression vectors 
in Arabidopsis.  The project involves the use of a new genetically
 engineered antibiotic-resistant rRNA gene as a dominant selectable
 marker that is unlike conventional selectable markers in that it 
must be amplified.  Therefore, selection assures maintenance of the
 episomes at high copy number in cultured cells.  Such high copy 
plasmid-like elements can be expected to have applications for 
overexpression of associated genes.  Concurrently, benefits to 
basic science will include a better understanding of viral and 
host replication functions.  The successful candidate will have a 
reasonable publication record and a strong background in molecular 
biology, virology or genetics.  Prior tissue culture experience is 
desirable.   The position is funded by industry and federal sources 
for two years at a minimum starting salary of $23, 000 per year.
	For additional details, please contact Dr. Craig Pikaard, 
Biology Department, Washington University, Campus Box 1137, 
One Brookings Drive, St. Louis, MO 63130.  Phone: (314) 935-7569, 
FAX (314) 935-4432, e-mail: Pikaard at 

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